About the CFO Forum

The Israeli Forum of Chief Financial Officers was founded in September 1997, holds over 1,000 members which are all CFOs of Israeli corporations with an annual turnover exceeding 150 Million NIS from all sectors of the Israeli economy. The Forum's main goals are to assist CFOs of Israel's leading companies in networking with their peers, to exert influence and collaborate with Israeli Government officials on issues relevant to CFOs and to bring Forum members up-to-date on the most recent developments in the field of financial management. The Forum is focused on creating value for its members, representing their positions and creating a plethora of professional knowledge. All that through meetings, professional conferences and seminars and in-depth discussion on the many issues of the CFOs.


CFO Forum’s Members

The Forum has about 1,000 members, divided into the following categories:

·  Council members - CFOs of companies with minimum annual revenues of 1 billion NIS.
·  Forum members
- CFOs of companies with minimum annual revenues of 150 million NIS, as well as the deputies of Council members.
·  Rapid growth membership
- CFOs of young, fast growing, High tech companies.


Contact Information

President - Ms. Noga Kainan

CEO - Ms. Michal Koren

Content and Marketing - Ms. Rotem Kaufman

Address - 23 Bar Kochva St., Beni Brak 5126002 Israel
Tel - +972-3-510-4555
Fax - +972-3-517-0918

Email -

Web -

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